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Cooperative Housing
Kinship Coop - Gardens

What makes co-op different?

Besides the inclusive community you instantly become part of, living in a housing co-op includes security of tenure and a quality home aligned with your income.

So, why co-op?

Living in a housing co-op includes security of tenure, a quality home aligned with your income, and a sense of community you can’t find elsewhere.

Fair prices

Co-op communities are driven by a mission, not a profit. The benefit? A Vancouver address with a fair price.

You have a voice

Kinship members collaborate with Community Land Trust in the management of their co-op community, and most decisions are made based on a democratic vote.

Community first

Kinship attracts members with shared values and lifestyles. Being involved in co-op events and initiatives, members foster strong and lasting relationships with one another.

How to apply:


Download and complete the Fillable Electronic Application Form Complete and submit via


Staff member will contact you to arrange a virtual or in-person tour


You will be asked to submit required additional supporting documentation electronically:

  • Proof of Residency
  • Most recent Notice of Assessment
  • 3 most recent paystubs
  • 3 most recent bank statements

After income testing, credit and reference checks are done, staff member will contact you to set up an orientation and interview. If your application is approved you will:

  • Receive an Occupancy Agreement
  • Sign a receipt of Occupancy Agreement
  • Receive keys
  • Receive detailed move in day information


  • Monthly housing charges must not exceed 30% of gross income
  • Household size must correspond with number of bedrooms within the home
  • Pass credit and reference checks
  • Preference to those who live and work in Vancouver for 3+ years**
  • Residency status in Canada

*Subject to the Property Manager’s approval
**Subject to discretion of the Property Manager

Kinship Coop - Gardens