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Cooperative Housing
Kinship Coop - Gardens

What makes co-op different?

Besides the inclusive community you instantly become part of, living in a housing co-op includes security of tenure and a quality home aligned with your income.

So, why co-op?

Living in a housing co-op includes security of tenure, a quality home aligned with your income, and a sense of community you can’t find elsewhere.

Fair prices

Co-op communities are driven by a mission, not a profit. The benefit? A Vancouver address with a fair price.

You have a voice

Kinship members collaborate with Community Land Trust in the management of their co-op community, and most decisions are made based on a democratic vote.

Community first

Kinship attracts members with shared values and lifestyles. Being involved in co-op events and initiatives, members foster strong and lasting relationships with one another.

How to apply:


Register at


A member of our Application Team will get in touch with you to schedule a virtual tour and get you pre-qualified.


Submit the following to apply for membership at Kinship Housing Co-operative:

  • Fillable Electronic Application
  • Member share fee and credit check fee via bank draft. As an alternative, applicants may also fill out a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form for funds to be drawn, and provide the completed form to the Application Team.
  • Additional supporting documentation required electronically:
    - Proof of Residency
    - Most recent Notice of Assessment
    - 3 most recent paystubs
    - 3 most recent bank statements

If your application is approved following credit and reference checks, COHO Management Services Society will contact you to set up your welcome meeting, where you will:

  • Receive an Occupancy Agreement
  • Sign a receipt of Occupancy Agreement
  • Receive keys
  • Receive detailed move in day information


  • Monthly housing charges must not exceed 30% of gross income
  • Household size must correspond with number of bedrooms within the home
  • Pass credit and reference checks
  • Preference to those who live and work in Vancouver for 3+ years**
  • Residency status in Canada

*Subject to the Property Manager’s approval
**Subject to discretion of the Property Manager

Kinship Coop - Gardens